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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  September 4, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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right now at 7:00 deputies in sterling, virginia, are trying to find the person who pulled the trigger and killed a parkview high school student. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. it happened at the end of the first week of school in loudoun county. our peggy fox tells us the sheriff's department is searching for up to three suspects of >> reporter: the victim was 17- year-old danny centino miranda killed this morning at 8:30 as he stood on a corner right behind me. the sheriff said he was with a group of students waiting for a school bus. >> it's kind of scary. >> terrible, absolutely terrible. >> reporter: it happened east of sterling boulevard on east cornell drive. two to three suspects fled and a massive search began. >> i'm surprised. this is the first time i've seen this happen here in this neighborhood. i've been here four years.
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>> i've been here for 26 years. >> reporter: ever seen anything like this? >> nothing like this in my life. >> reporter: the victim was a sophomore at parkview high which was put on lockdown keeping anyone from coming or going. parents tried in vain to pick their children. >> i know parents are frustrated, but there's protocols we have to follow. we want it make sure the sheriff's office can talk to everybody they want to, that our students are safe. >> reporter: while parkview was on lockdown nine other schools in loudoun and fairfax counties were under a secure building status. the shooting was not random. the suspects and victims knew each other said the sheriff mike chapman. is it gang related? have you seen these names before? >> we're looking at every angle including that possibility. we're looking at all angles and that may be a possibility, yes. >> reporter: it's believed the victim moved to sterling from el salvador last year. he began the school year at parkview in january of 2015. in sterling peggy fox, wusa9. >> since the victim was fairly
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new to parkview high, school officials say he wasn't well known but about a dozen students knew him and were very upset. grief counselors came in and will be back next week. right now a silver spring woman is behind bars while her stepdaughter is in the hospital in critical condition. montgomery county police arrested aldercy lugo-defuentes on child abuse assault charges. last week emergency crews rushed her 4-year-old stepdaughter to the hospital after she became unresponsive. doctors say the child had fractures and bruises all over her body, some old, some new plus a cut on her liver that caused significant internal bleeding. police say fuentes admitted to beating the little girl. she's held on a quarter million dollar bond. it's unclear if having an ambulance closer would have made a difference saving a 5- month-old boy's life, but the fighter department knows it does need more resources. according to the police report, the baby's dad called 911 yesterday saying his son was cloaking and had trouble breathing. they -- choking and had trouble breathing. they live in the 4600 block of
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hillside southeast. the next closest ambulance was 7 miles away. neighbors believe having one closer might have made a difference. >> if they would have came in time, the baby could have been saved. >> the paramedic was on the scene within four minutes which is the amount of time that we would expect an emergency medical professional to be on the scene to render aid to this child. >> another ambulance was rerouted and met the fire truck carrying the baby nearly 15 minutes later. police and fire are investigating. we have a first look at the woman trying to grab a toddler in a stroll other a metro train. monique mcknight did not make it into court today because she was too disruptive. she's got a hearing next week to go over her mental situation and is held pending trial. earlier this week witnesses said mcknight tried to grab the child right in front of her mom, but the little girl was strapped in and other passengers intervened.
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fairfax county police are hoping somebody will recognize this fellow. they say this is the man who tried to abduct a woman on buckman road in mount vernon last week. the victim said he tried to drag her into a car, but a witness helped her and she was not hurt. he drove off in a silver colored four door sedan. if you know this guy or were the good samaritan who helped, police would love to hear from you. this sketch is posted in our new wusa9 news app, so you can easily share it with your friends. some good news heading into the holiday weekend, all is quiet on first alert doppler. meteorologist howard bernstein is tracking our shower chances through the rest of the night. >> we still have some shower chances, but it's a warm night out here, temps in the 80s and humidity is up. i want to show you first alert doppler because we did have some storms earlier that came through, a lot of that down toward harrisonburg. the metro in the next few hours is probably okay, but we could still see something pop here.
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in western maryland and west virginia these showers and storms are pushing their way through frostburg and cumberland and far west allegany county and in west virginia look how that activity really loses a lot of its colors, losing a lot of strength, too. so this evening kind of hazy out there, warm, temperatures next hour 83, not dropping much. by 10:00 79 and by midnight 76. i do have some good news about the coming weekend and labor day and as we get into next week, well, looks like the heat is going to be back and could be worse than what we're seeing labor day. be back with that in a few minutes. guys, inside to you. >> thank you, howard. some incredible video out of prince george's county county tonight, this car fire in suitland broke out around 12:30 this morning. the first two police officers on the scene found out the driver was still inside but could not get him out because the flames were just too intense. two more officers arrived and they had to use a baton to lift a door handle and start to pull
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the driver out. two tires exploded causing even more problems and finally with the help of firefighters they pulled the man from that car with severe burns, but he is expected to survive. the unemployment rate hit a seven year low, 173,000 people found work in august bringing the unemployment rate down to 5.1%. the numbers were lower than the predictions, but there is good news for white collar workers. experts predict starting salaries for professionals will go up 4% next year and tech jobs are expected to jump more than 5%. paul mcdonald from the robert hafh employment agency said demand for good workers keeps on growing. >> technology again in 2016 is projected toed have highest salary increases. >> -- to have the highest salary increases. >> some jobs for data analyzer are expecting to get a 9% boost in pay. labor secretary tom perez
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says the white house is taking action now to fix stagnant wages in what he calls the unfinished business of this economic recovery. >> well, we need tighter labor markets. we still have slack in the labor market. we're fighting hard to increase the minimum wage. the president already issued an executive order on e thminimum wage a couple years ago. we're working with state and local governments of 7 million people got a raise. >> you can catch the full interview on capital download sunday at 8:30 a.m. right after our morning news. several same sex couples are celebrating in kentucky tonight after receiving marriage licenses. this morning a deputy clerk signed off on the first license in rowan county. the couple said this is their sixth time trying to get the paperwork. they said it wasn't a blessing, just an official license. >> this means at least for this area civil rights are civil rights and they're not subject to debate. >> meanwhile the court clerk who refused to give out licenses is still behind bars tonight and will probably stay there for at least another
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week. kim davis says god's moral law prevents her from handing out marriage licenses to same sex couples. go big or go home, saudi arabia's king sparing no expense during his d.c. trip. we'll show you just how extravagant it is right after the break. >> reporter: the cheapest labor day gas prices we've seen in 11 years. i'm scott
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donald trump still riding high, but he may have hit a speed bump. last night he stumbled on the hugh hewitt show when asked about different middle eastern groups. >> i will know more about it than you know and believe me, it won't take me long. >> trump dismissed the interview saying hewitt asked
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got ya questions. the radio host is one of the moderators for the next gop debate set for september 16th. on the democratic side vice president joe biden said he's still trying to figure out if he has the emotional energy to run for the white house. >> can my family undertake what is an arduous commitment that would be proud to undertake under ordinary circumstances, but the honest to god answer is i just don't know. >> biden has popped up in recent campaign polls even though he has not announced a bid. one quinnipiac university survey found he'd run better than hillary clinton against all republicans. right now saudi arabia's new king is in washington. president obama greeted king salman on the side of the white house earlier today, but out front dozens of protesters didn't seem so happy to see him. [ chanting ] >> they gathered to protest saudi arabia's human rights record. the king and president are expected to talk about the
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nuclear deal and concerns about yemen and the need to restore a functioning government in that country. the saudi arabian king has made his presence known since arriving yesterday afternoon. look at the convoy of luxury cars waiting for him outside joint base andrews. >> wow. >> they brought him to the four seasons in georgetown where he does not have just one suite, derek. he has the entire hotel. >> whoa. >> king sal -- salman and his entourage are staying in the rooms, red carpet all over and golden touches on everything from the mirrors to the hat rack. two incidents of objects crashing into seats at stadiums, who was hurt and who was handcuffed? that's next. >> a warm muggy evening underway, can't rule out a stray shower or storm popping through. we've got better news on the way. hey, 3-degree guarantee, forecast a high today of 89.
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we were in the 90s. coming up at 11:00 we'll let you know how we did and in just a few minutes more heat headed our way. >> after weather teachers step outside the classroom to give their lesson plans a lift. ♪
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. >> wusa9 nisews sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. a teacher in new york city facing charges tonight after a drone crash landed at the u.s.
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open. as you can see right here, that drone landed in an empty section of seats. police say the device flew over the louis armstrong stadium in the middle of a match. the players head the crash but kept right on playing. police say the teacher flew the drone from a park outside the stadium and now she's charged with reckless endangerment. at the colts and bengals preseason game last night a bolt fell from the roof injuring three fans. the roof was opened during the halftime when a bolt got cut off and fell into the seats. two fans went to the hospital, but everyone is expected to be fine. taking a live look at the bay bridges, folks are beach bound for the holiday weekend. there's good news for all those drivers. gas prices just keep driving. >> reporter: the summer of 2015 comes to a close with the cheapest gas prices for a labor day weekend in the last 11 years. >> i think it's great that it's going down. >> reporter: gas prices still dropping in parts of virginia
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now well below $2. [ audio difficulties ]
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>> all on a tour of the fighters and big changes. vert features and big -- features and big changes. >> in is big, all the new top stories and bulletins, weather, track the thunderstorms and get the latest warning information. traffic, plan your commute with live traffic maps and you can watch live. all the news casts are streamed live as well as breaking news. redskins fans, we've got you covered with the scores and latest from the locker room free for android and apple. told you it was big. >> thank you, top. you can search wusa9 in the apple or google stores to get all those cool new features. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate.
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>> holiday weekend, everyone is looking for some good weather. >> we got it. tomorrow morning may start out with a few cloud and an isolated sprinkle here or there, but overall saturday, sunday look good and monday not bad. it's going to start to heat up again next week. for your bike ride tomorrow morning, derek, you'll be all right. let's look at first alert doppler. we're still looking at a couple showers in the mountains, but everything is really losing its oomph as we lose the daytime heating. even though it's muggy. we had some pretty powerful showers and storms earlier today, there's just nothing showing up right now, just hazy looking. there's a lot of humidity in the air, dew points over 70. we need this number to drop to be more comfortable so that 85 feels like 90 and the southeast wind 6 miles an hour. temps are running in the 70s and 80s, 72 in orange, 73 culpeper. they had some hefty showers and storms earlier with 86 in easton and hagerstown.
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those are the warm spots. on satellite and radar what i want to really point out, not just the pop-up showers and storms with the daytime heating, but follow these clouds moving off to the southwest. that's because we've got high pressure over maine and new england and a clockwise flow pushing this cold front toward us and through us actually later this evening and tomorrow with that cooler flow coming in off the atlantic we're going to feel pretty good. in fact, today we've had pretty much an easterly wind, but futurecast still wants to pop a shower here or there and an isolated one tomorrow. tomorrow morning could actually be some patchy drizzle before these showers all pull to the west of the mountains and that easterly push keeps us nice. it's going to be comfortable temps and more sun in the afternoon and fine sunday. beach weather, if you're leaving tonight or early tomorrow, there's going to be a fantastic weekend at the beach, upper 70s saturday, 80 sunday, monday 83, inlet temperatures 79 and even north toward
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rehoboth we've got upper 70s and again 81 monday. look at all that sunshine. you can still get a pretty bad burn. don't forget the sunscreen. tonight can't rule out an isolated stray shower or storm, otherwise mostly cloudy, mid- 60s to low 70s, still muggy. we start mostly cloudy on saturday morning, a stray shower, 70s for the most part and in the afternoon more sun, going to be comfortable, highs between 80 and 85. so if you've got any outdoor plans, pretty good. there's a small craft advisory in the lower part of the bay till tomorrow afternoon, so east winds could gust to 20 knots, waves maybe as high as 3 feet. the three-day forecast, 85 sunday, pleasantly warm. monday night. so the heat returns and is with us much of next week, wednesday the hot day at 93. guys, back to you. whether it is in math or science class every year teachers hear the same old question. when am i ever going to use this information in real life?
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>> george washington university and dulles international airport found a way to answer just that. mike hydek shows us the lesson plan for teachers in this week s.t.e.m. is cool in school report. >> reporter: some days that's all the time it takes to spark a new idea in, this case a new way to teach science. >> our job is here to clean up and before we dispense it to the film. >> you see how that feels, clear and bright? >> reporter: engineers snow off the massive jet fuel farm at dulles international airport as middle and high school teachers take it all in. >> there's a little chemical here that if you were to add water in it, it would change colors. >> reporter: the goal is to show that s.t.e.m. education is just not in the books. it's everywhere, on the ground and even 30,000 feet. >> we have this tank over here, quite big, right? so what part of the tank would we need to know? >> reporter: sarah conrad said the teachers and industries
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program really gives her sson plan a lift as school gets underway at mercer middle school in aldie this year. >> i think volume and surface area is very, very practical for my math 7 students and when it talks about the colonial pipeline coming up, we can talk about rate when it comes to my algebra class. so those are direct uses i'm going to be using right away. >> reporter: she said it's a great introduction to careers the students may never have considered in math and science. another reason why s.t.e.m. is cool
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what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months.
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congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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well, for manufacture you, you probably don't know -- many of you probably don't know that today is derek's last day. >> 12 years ago we began our only local news at 7:00. we called it usa tonight at the time. we were trying to break the mold and do something different. it worked after a fashion, but as you can see, we've gone in a more standard direction since then. the great thing about that show
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was it brought me back home to washington d.c. where i've had the privilege of sitting right here at wusa9 for the last 12 years. i'm done for now, but i'll be seeing you all on sunday mornings. >> it's
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i see you two together. >> ben and jen back together? seen a marriage counselor. >> been public about making to sure they're working things out for their family. >> plus, food network chef giada with a million dollar settlement in the divorce but without a prenup, who gets what? >> and being able to influence people. >> the new class action lawsuit that claims jessica alba's honest empire is deceiving consumers and self proclaimed emergency treatment. and remembering joan rivers on the one year anniversary of her death. also, we're with a young super bowl commercial star. the surgery to save mini darth vader's life. >> there is risk. >> his courage and his parents' heartbreak. and david muir tells us about


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